Main Course      الوجبات الرئيسية

Lebanese House Chicken

فروج البيت اللبناني

Grilled chicken

chicken with herbs garlic and lemon

فروج مشوي بالأعشاب

Boneless Chicken

Whole baby chicken grilled or charcoal grilled served with potatoes and vegetables

فروج مسحب2\1

Tawouk with Mushrooms

Chicken cubes marinated with garlic and lemon, charcoal grilled, served with mushrooms

طاووق مطفى (250) غم

Shish Tawouk

Marinated chicken cubes, charcoal grilled Shish

شيش طاووق(250) غم

Kebab Orfali

Minced meat with tomato, charcoal grilled

كباب اورفلي (250) غم

Kebab Khishkhash

Minced meat with garlic, chili and tomato sauce, charcoal grilled

كباب خشخاش(250) غم

Kebab halabi

Minced meat with tomato sauce, without garlic and chili, charcoal grilled

كباب حلبي (250) غم

kebab baladi

Minced meat with onions, spices and parsley, charcoal grilled

كباب بلدي (250) غم

Kastaleta Ghanam

Lamb cutlets, charcoal grilled

كستلايته غنم

Ftileh ghnam mashwi

lamp fillet

فتايل غنم مشوي (250) غم

Shokaf Mashwi

Tender lamb meat cubes, charcoal grilled

شقف غنم بلدي(250) غم

Mixed Grills

A selection of cubed meat, chicken and minced meat, charcoal grilled

كيلو مشاوي مشكل


Grilled or fried quail

فري عالفحم

Charcoal-Grilled Kubbeh

Fresh minced meat with onions and wheat, charcoal-grilled

كبة مشوية عالفحم


Minced meat in home-made pastry, grilled



Birds grilled or marinated in tarragon sauce


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